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About Into The Fire Jewelry


- The hand behind the skulls - 






 "Offering the finest skull rings done with old world craftsmanship"




No digital designs, only hand carved pieces.

There is no zooming in there is no going back and erasing your mistakes,

theres only a unrelenting eye for detail and a very steady hand.




- Hyper Realistic -

Every nic, every scratch, every slight imperfection

is captured in the very essence of each piece bringing it to life and this is exactly what you have been looking for in your jewerly.




- Hand Carved Quality -






" Demitri Bakogiorgis wants you to join him as he continues to express & push the boundaries of true handcrafted jewerly "























All rings and pendants are original designs of Demitri Bakogiorgis and Copyrights of Into The Fire Jewelry all rights reserved © 2012 - 2030




Cutoff Holiday Shipping Guide:

Orders must be placed in time for Christmas delivery cutoff.

December 5th for the domestic orders

December 3rd International orders*

(Subject to Customs, we cannot confirm you will receive in timely fashion due to Customs. Please understand Thank you)